Judgment Reversed

In his final novel, Ricardo D. Palacios breaks racist stereotypes about Mexican-Americans through the story of protagonist Reynaldo García, an intelligent, hard-working, and politically shrewd lawyer in Laredo, Texas. In Judgement Reversed Palacios presents his hometown of Laredo through a reflection of his own life and experiences.

Reynaldo finds prosperity and stability through education and hard work, as many Mexican-Americans have today. Hard work and playing by the rules pay off for Reynaldo, but only to a point.

Laredo provided opportunities that many other Latinos in the U.S. did not have. There, many Latinos were born into landowning families, a significant advantage in a society that prioritizes capital.

Land ownership offered these families opportunity, freedom, a safety-net.

The reality for many Latino communities in the U.S. is that ideals like opportunity, freedom, and safety nets are often out of reach. Achieving these ideals in Latino communities-and everywhere-demands a better judicial system, one that is impartial. One that Reynaldo Garcia dreams of in Judgment Reversed.